Accommodations & Transportation

We selected some areas of Tokyo (central) which are easily accessible both from the airport (Haneda/Narita) and the venue shown in the following figure.

Each location in the figure belongs to one of areas as follows. 

   Central Tokyo:    Tokyo, Ginza, Akihabara, Hamamatsucho   
   Northern Tokyo:  Ueno, Kita Senju   
   Eastern Tokyo:    Asakusa   
   Southern Tokyo: Shinagawa, Haneda Airport
You can find the detailed information about such areas via GO TOKYO”.
For the transportation to such areas, please check the following Table 1.  We also selected some Hotels with good access from the stations as shown in Table 2, just for your reference. 
Table 1: Transportation to get to the central Tokyo from Airports & to get TDU from the central Tokyo
Travel Time
Shuttle Bus (Airport Limousine Bus)
1h 2minutes
Keikyu Airport Line (Kaitoku)
20 minutes
Keikyu Airport Line (Kaitoku)
44 minutes
Keikyu Airport Line (Kaitoku) to Shibashi
transfer to Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
39 minutes
Tokyo Monorail
18 minutes
JR Yamanote Line 
from Shinagawa Sta.
13 minutes (to Tokyo St.)
18 minutes (to Akihabara)
21 minutes (to Ueno)
JR Ueno Tokyo Line 
26 minutes
JR Yamanote Line to Shibashi, transfer to JR Ueno Tokyo Line 
30 minutes
JR Ueno Tokyo Line 
19 minutes
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Kita-senju
10 minutes
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Kita-senju
13 minutes
Tobu Sky Tree Line bound to Kita-senju
17 minutes
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Kita-senju
27 minutes
JR Narita Express
1h 13 minutes
Keisei Skyliner to Nippori, transfer to JR Joban Line 
1h 10 minutes
Table 2: Hotels with good access from stations for your reference
Shinagawa Area
Shinagawa Prince Hotel 4 stars HP
Keikyu EX Hotel Shinagawa 3 stars HP
Shinagawa TOBU Hotel 3 stars HP
MiyakoCity TokyoTakanawa 2 stars HP
Hamamatsu-cho Area
Scanco Inn Grande Tokyo Hamamatsucho 3 stars HP
HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Hamamatsucho 3 stars HP
Super Hotel Hamamatsucho non HP
Tokyo Station Area
Shangri-Lia Hotel Tokyo 5 stars HP
Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi 4 stars HP
Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo 3 stars HP
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi 3 stars HP
Ginza Area
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo 4 stars HP
Super Hotel Premier Ginza 3 stars HP
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza 3 stars HP
The Gate Hotel Tokyo By Hulic 3 stars HP
Akihabara Area
Akihabara Washington Hotel 3 stars HP
Remm Akihabara 3 stars HP
Resol Hotel&Resort 3 stars HP
Ueno Area
Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno  3 stars HP
Sutton Place Hotel Ueno 3 stars HP
Apartment Hotel Mimaru Ueno East/North 3 stars HP
Asakusa Area
Asakusa View Hotel 4 stars HP
The b Asakusa 3 stars HP
Hotel Keihan 3 stars HP

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